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Orientation Course: Basic Foundation

The Orientation Course is organised for middle/secondary/ senior secondary school in-service teachers and teacher educators from all parts of the country, throughout the year. It consists of a variety of programmes such as lectures, lecture-demonstrations, practical classes in handicrafts, theatrical skill, songs in different languages and educational tours to places of natural and cultural interest. The Training Programme introduces the participants to the rich fabric of our artistic and cultural heritage. It is designed to give the teachers/ teacher educators an idea of the variety of creative expressions in India and how the school children can be exposed to the beauty in nature and art.

Aims of the Orientation Course

  • Creating an awareness of the fundamental principles underlying the development of Indian culture in order to foster a spirit of national integration.
  • Providing an opportunity to formulate methodologies in which aspects of Indian culture and creative activities constitute an integral part of the process of learning and teaching.leries
  • Providing teachers an occasion to interact with scholars and artists in order to devise ways of making education a total experience.
  • Providing skills and training in creative activities in order to improve class-room teaching techniques.
  • Providing an opportunity to teachers/ teacher educators, teaching different disciplines from all parts of the country to work together.