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Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) organises a variety of inservice teacher training programmes to enable teachers from different regions to share knowledge of their culture with others and create a sense of appreciation for the diversity and richness of India’s natural and cultural heritage. These programmes provide teachers teaching various disciplines, an opportunity to interact with one another so that their approach to education may become inter-related and the teaching-learning process less compartmentalised. This will provide students with an enriching educational experience.

The Workshop concentrates on studying the “Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage” and involve students and teachers in such activities that may help them serve the country. The Workshop also develops a practical ‘plan of action’ that may inspire students to appreciate their natural and cultural heritage and feel responsible to protect the environment as citizens of India.

The accelerated pace of development in our country has brought forth changes, both in the physical environment and cultural patterns, on an unprecedented scale. With the result, the familiar surroundings and the related cultural identities are being lost. It must be realised that what is lost today due to ignorance, lack of awareness or concern or thoughtless planning cannot be recovered, be it a plant species or a historical monument.The teachers are invited in these Workshops to take up the task of sensitising school students to their role as future guardians of the rich natural and cultural resources of our country.

Objectives of the Workshop

  • To study the role of schools in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.
  • To study simple techniques by which students can be involved in looking after historical monuments and other natural and cultural property of their region.
  • To develop a practical plan of action that may inspire students to appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of India and to be responsible citizens.
  • To provide an opportunity to teachers from various parts of the country, to stay together and interact with each other and with local students, fostering a spirit of national integration.

The Workshop consists of lectures, slide presentations, project work, conservation activities, study of monuments and museums, group discussions, etc. There are sessions on preparation of educational aids and games, worksheets, activity sheets .