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Training Programmes

In order to fulfill its aims and objectives and also to share and enlarge the scope of the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training’s (CCRT) work in the field of education, it conducts a variety of in-service teacher training programmes throughout the year. While covering broad areas of interlinking education with culture, the basic emphasis in the in-service teacher training programmes is on devising methodologies for development of the child’s personality – particularly in terms of helping the child to discover his/her latent talent – and to express it creatively. The thrust is on building up a pervasive consciousness of the Indian Cultural Heritage through the utilization of local material and community interaction and also involve students in conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.

Over the years, the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) has conducted research and worked out methodologies for providing a cultural component in classroom teaching, thereby achieving the objectives of the integrated approach to education to some extent, using a culture base to understand the various school disciplines.

  1. Orientation Course
  2. Workshop(s)
  3. Refresher Course(s) for Trained Teachers
  4. Seminars