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Our Cultural Diversity

The Workshop on “Our Cultural Diversity” concentrates to describe how schools can help in promoting national integration among the students and how national integration can be made a part and parcel of their general ethos. The workshop is also, an initiative of CCRT to generate awareness and enhance understanding of ethnic flavor of rich culture of North-Eastern region of our country.

The teachers are invited in this Workshop to take up the task of sensitizing school students to their role as future guardians of the rich natural and cultural resources of our country.

Objectives of the Workshop

  • To create awareness towards our rich natural & cultural heritage.
  • To sensitize teachers towards the diversity of Indian culture so that they develop a sense of respect for other regions, religions, languages, cultural practices etc.
  • To develop a practical plan of action that may inspire students to undertake projects to conserve heritage of India and to be responsible citizens.
  • To develop an understanding of possible solutions to local issues with respect to our diverse culture.
  • To provide an opportunity to teachers from various parts of the country to stay together and interact with each other and with local students, fostering a spirit of national integration.

The workshop consists of lectures/ lecture demonstrations, slide presentations, conservation activities, project work, study of monuments and museums etc. the sessions on learning puppetry, creative expressions and learning traditional crafts are organized. There are sessions on preparation of educational aids and games, work-sheets and activity-sheets. Educational visits to places of historical, natural and cultural importance will also organize.