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Our Cultural Diversity

Our Cultural Diversity

The Workshop on “Our Cultural Diversity” focusses on promotion of national integration among the school students and how it can be made a part and parcel of their general ethos. The workshop is an initiative of CCRT, to generate awareness and enhance understanding of the rich culture of India. The Workshop aims to spread the message of universal brotherhood and respect for each religion and region.

The teachers are invited in this Workshop to take up the task of sensitizing school students to their role as future guardians of the rich natural and cultural resources of our country. This Course motivates the teachers to learn more about the diverse culture of India, its knowledge system & tradition and also sensitizes them on human values, empathy, tolerance, human rights, gender equality, inclusion and equity which will cultivate respect for diversity.

Equal respect for all religions with the idea to develop or bring back creative human endeavour has been the main focus of NEP 2020.

Objectives of the Workshop:

• To create awareness about ethnic & cultural diversity of India.

• To make teachers understand and appreciate the diverse cultural traditions and its manifestations in the form of various art forms like Literary Arts, Performing Arts & Visual Arts.

• To orient the teachers to develop the perspective for appreciation, love & respect for art and traditions of other communities.

• To document the rich tradition of ethnic communities with special reference to North Eastern India.

• To use diverse cultural traditions as a pedagogy for incorporating cultural components in classroom teaching learning process in line with NEP 2020.

• To provide an opportunity to teachers from various parts of the country to stay together and interact with each other and with local students, fostering a spirit of national integration.

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