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Refresher Course(s) for CCRT Trained Teachers

The Refresher Courses for CCRT Trained Teachers are the advanced level programs where Teachers and CCRT are equal contributors.
The teachers who have been trained by CCRT through the Orientation Courses/ Workshops are committed to continuously practice the learning’s in their professional roles. The Refresher Courses are designed to further enhance their knowledge and understanding towards developing teaching methodologies using Art and Culture.
Selection of the Teachers for the Refresher Courses is based on the Evaluation Report on their contribution/ achievements at individual level within 3-4 years of their attending the previous Courses.

Highlights of the Refresher Course:

  1. Feedback and discussion on the implementation of the skill/ methodologies learnt during the previous courses.
  2. Build up techniques / methodologies for class room teaching.
  3. Close interaction with scholars/educationists/artist from specialized fields.
  4. Project work involving conventional and contemporary themes.
  5. Exchanging ideas among participants to develop innovative approach for imparting knowledge through use of various cultural methodologies.