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Publication and Audio Visual Productions

The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) has been producing a variety of publications for the benefit of people associated with the field of culture and education particularly teachers and students. Some of these publications are theme based Cultural Packages, Series of Booklets, Folios, Work-books, Journals, etc. that provide knowledge on India’s rich natural and cultural heritage, information on Indian art and culture and ideas on how to link culture with education. These publications contain illustrated material, bilingual descriptions and creative activities for students and teachers.

The CCRT’s publications aim at providing an understanding and appreciation of different aspects of Indian Art and Culture. They also highlight the influence of nature on artistic expressions so as to develop an understanding of the impact of environment on cultural manifestations. The educational materials developed by CCRT on Cultural Education are the outcome of the continued interaction with scholars and guidance provided by the experts. A great deal of study and research is conducted for bringing out these publications.