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Cultural Packages

The CCRT collects material on the arts and crafts of the country in the form of audio recordings, slides, photographs, films and written texts in order to enrich the content of the Educational Kit and provide teacher trainees and other research students educational material on the arts of India.

The areas to be documented by CCRT are chosen with a view to create an interest among students in the culture of various regions of the country and develop a sense of appreciation for the diversity and continuity of cultural traditions.

The documentation for the year is planned keeping in view the requirements of the Centre. The research is conducted with the assistance of local scholars and experts in the areas to be documented. After thorough fieldwork and networking with the local authorities the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training’s (CCRT) documentation team takes up the documentation work. Interaction with artists of the living traditions help in reviving and preservation of the dying art forms. The resources thus collected are also used in the training programmes where teachers are provided information of the regional variety of cultural manifestations and are guided on how to work out methodologies for cultural input in curriculum teaching.