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Refresher Course(s) for CCRT Trained Teachers

Integrated education is a tool for instilling students with pride and confidence in their unique and special backgrounds. If delivered correctly, students will develop a positive perception of themselves by demonstrating knowledge about the culture, history and contributions of diverse groups. Refresher Course is organised on regular basis to get feedback from the teachers who have undergone training in the Orientation Course/ Workshop on Role of Puppetry in Education.

Aims of the Refresher Course

Educational Tours

  • To get feedback regarding implementation of the training in the schools.
  • To devise methodologies towards an integrated approach to education.
  • To establish a dialogue with traditional artists/scholars and educationists.
  • To share the innovative ideas in education and to discuss contemporary scenario in the field of puppetry.
  • To prepare projects/work-schedule to use puppetry for various educational programmes.

The CCRT invites trained teachers to participate in the Refresher Course with in 3-4 years of their training in CCRT on the basis of receipt of Evaluation Report/ Feedback Form from the trained teacher. Hance there is NO APPLICATION FORM for this course.

Recapitulation & Innovation during Refresher Course

Crafts in volume, rhythm and space

Helping teachers to recognize new skills in themselves and others


Participants' Level


5 Days

Previously CCRT trained in service teacher of either Orientation Course or Workshop on Role of Puppetry in Education

Anywhere in India.