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अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न (एफएक्यू)

Q1.     What are the different training programmes offered by the CCRT?

Ans :-  

The CCRT offers a variety of in-service training programs which can be broadly categorized into three segments.

Sr.No. Programme(s) Clientele Duration
1Orientation Training Programmes - In-service Middle/Sec/ Sr. Sec
- Teachers.
- Teacher Educators teaching in 
- DIETs/SCERTs/B.Ed/M.Ed in
- NCTE  recognized Teacher
- Training  Colleges

22-24 working days
18 working days


- Role of Puppetry in Education
- SUPW/Work Experience
- Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage
- Our Cultural Heritage

- Primary Schools
- Primary to Sr. Sec. Schools
- Primary to Sr. Sec. Schools 
- Primary to Sr. Sec. Schools

13-15 working days 
10-11 working days
10-11 working days

10-11 working days
3 Seminars/Workshops - Educational Administrators 3 - 5 days
- Educators from Foreign countries 3 - 30 days

Q2.     How one can participate in the CCRT Training Programme(s)?

Ans :-  

The CCRT finalises its calendar of events by first week of March every year for the ensuing financial year. The final schedule is sent to respective State Education Department(s) with a request to recommend the names of eligible teachers. This annual schedule event is also uploaded on CCRT’s website www.ccrtindia.gov.in.

Any bona-fide teacher/ teacher educator who is interested in participation should contact District Education Officer/ DDPI/Deputy Directors/Inspector of Schools/Nodal Officer (Please check the link in websitewww.ccrtindia.gov.in for the concerned Nodal Officer).

Once the application is received in the CCRT duly recommended, the selected teacher/ teacher educator is issued an invitation letter for participation, with detailed instructions, well in advance. The application form and details for participation can be downloaded in CCRT’s website www.ccrtindia.gov.in.

Q3.     Does CCRT accept direct applications for the teacher/individuals?

Ans :-  

No, in order to participate in any training/workshop, the application has to be forwarded through his/her respective department

Q4.     What is the fee-structure for participation of different training programmes?

Ans :-  

The CCRT offers its various training programmes to the Governmental or Government aided schools/teacher educators free of cost and no fee is charged for participation in the training programme. However, the Public Schools can also be trained against payment.

Q5.     Who bears the cost of travelling, boarding and lodging of participating teacher(s)?

Ans :-  

As per the present rules the CCRT, bears the entire cost of traveling, boarding and lodging of the participants and there is no financial burden on the concerned school or the State Education Department.

Q6.     Are there any preferences with regard to participation?

Ans :-  

If a teacher fulfills the criteria, he/she may be invited to attend the training programme. Preference is given to the female teachers and teachers belonging to reserved categories, rural and remote areas.

Q7.     What is the object of the Scholarship Scheme?

Ans :-  

The object of the scheme is to provide facilities to outstanding young children selected in the age group of 10 to 14 years studying either in recognized schools or belonging to families of practicing traditional performing artists for developing their talent in various cultural fields such as traditional forms of music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, crafts as well as literary arts/creative writing, laying special emphasis on rare forms, which are in the process of become extinct.

Q8.     Who is eligible for receiving the scholarship?

Ans :-  

The children in the age group of 10 to 14 years are eligible for applying for the scholarship as per the prescribed cut off dates given in the advertisement and application form of each year.

Q9.     What is the general procedure followed for selection?

Ans :-  

The Centre advertises in the leading newspapers of the country during the month of October/November every year about the scheme and application forms are made available on website/by post/personal collection free of cost. The last date for submission of completely filled application forms in CCRT, New Delhi is December 31st of every year. For award of scholarships, short listed candidates recommended by the Central Selection Committee, are called for Interview/Test at different venues all over India. The travelling allowance to those who are called from outside the venue for the interview is reimbursed as per the norms of CCRT. The details of the scheme are available on CCRT website www.ccrtindia.gov.in.

Q10.     How can one get/collect the Application Form?

Ans :-  

The forms can be downloaded from Centre's website www.ccrtindia.gov.in after the advertisement published in various news papers all over the country, every year and the same can be collected free of cost personally/by post from the office of CCRT, New Delhi and its Regional Centres at Hyderabad, Udaipur and Guwahati.The Nodal Officers in different states are also equipped with the scheme and the forms.

Q11.     What is the value of scholarship and tuition fees?

Ans :-  

The value of scholarship is `3600/- (` Three Thousand Six Hundred only) per annum and the actual tuition fee paid for the specialized training to the Institution or Guru/Teacher is also reimbursed subject to a ceiling of `9000/- (` Nine Thousand only) per year.

Q12.     What is the duration of scholarship?

Ans :-  

The Scholarship awarded under the scheme will be initially for two years at a time and renewable after every two years till the completion of the first University degree stage of education or upto the age of 20 years, whichever is earlier, subject to the awardee maintaining good progress.

Q13.     How many scholarships are awarded every year?

Ans :-  

650 scholarships are awarded every year at national level.

Q14.     Is there any reservation of scholarship for any category, field etc.?

Ans :-  

The scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of talent/merit, subject to availability of scholarships.

Q15.     Is there any certificate awarded under the Scholarship Scheme?

Ans :-  

Yes, the certificate is awarded only on successful completion of scholarship as per rules of the Scheme.

Q16.     Is there any income criteria?

Ans :-  

The preference is given to the children of rural areas, smaller towns and low income group families. However, merit/talent is the main criteria for award of scholarships.

Q17.     I have seen the publications and audio-visual material of CCRT. How can one procure it?

Ans :-  

The CCRT publications aim at providing an understanding and appreciation of different aspects of Indian Art and Culture. The also highlight the influence of nature on artistic expressions so as to develop an understanding of the impact of environment on cultural manifestations. These publications and audio-visual material like video CD, audio cassette and slides are available on payment basis. You may click the link Product Catalogue on CCRT websitewww.ccrtindia.gov.in to have detailed information regarding payments etc.

Q18.     What is the objective of community and extension services programme?

Ans :-  

The CCRT organizes a variety of educational activities for school students and children studying in non-formal schools run by voluntary organizations under its Extension and Community Feedback Programme. The activities include:

  • Educational tours to
    • Monuments
    • Museums
    • Art Galleries
    • Craft Centres
    • Zoological Parks/Gardens
    • Theme Based special exhibitions
  • Workshops on learning crafts using low cost locally available resources.
  • Camps on Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage.
  • Lectures and demonstrations by artists and experts on various art form.
  • Demonstrations by artists and craft persons in schools.
  • Slide-lectures supplement class-room teaching.
  • Workshops on Puppetry in Education.
  • Workshops for specially challenged students.

The schools who are interested to have these programmes can download the form from our website: www.ccrtindia.gov.in/download.php