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CCRT Cultural Club

The richness and variety of Indian culture, the 10,000 years of its history and the cultural continuity in it, myriad forms of traditions need to be preserved. The promotion, preservation and dissemination of information on India's cultural heritage has been the prime concern of this Centre (CCRT). With this objective in mind, the CCRT has undertaken the task of setting up CULTURAL CLUB IN SCHOOLS.

A Cultural Club is a means by which school students can organize themselves to learn more about India's Cultural Heritage. For teachers it is a tool to create awareness, develop respect and appreciation towards Indian arts. And also motivate school students to undertake action-projects to conserve Indian Cultural traditions.

CCRT provides a financial assistance of Rs.5000/- initially for one academic session. (April 01 to March 31).

A detailed report of the activities conducted throughout the year is mandatory as part of implementation of CCRT’s Cultural Club Scheme in the Schools.

Over the years while going through the reports of various Cultural Clubs, it was felt that students were doing excellent work which should be put up on Centre’s Website. This will act as a platform for other schools to interact and exchange ideas related to Indian Culture. Keeping this in mind Cultural Club reports were evaluated with a purpose to select best Cultural Club reports to be put up on our website.

In order to analyse and finalise the best Cultural Club Reports to be placed on CCRT's Website to be accessible to the member schools, a Committee was formed for the selection of best Cultural Club Reports each year.

For the Year 2014-15 the Cultural Club Reports were analysed by the committee and these selected reports can be seen at Komal Asha on our website.

Selected Cultural Club Reports


आजाद कलचरल क्‍लब, राजस्‍थान

प्रभारी : श्री सुनील शर्मा

‘आदर्श ज्ञान प्राप्‍त करने के लिए शान्ति व शुद्वता’ के नारे को लिए संस्‍कृति के हर कोण को प्रस्‍तुत करता यह क्‍लब सूर्य नमस्‍कार, संस्‍कृति के पन्‍ने, भित्ति पत्रिका, भांगडा, राजस्‍थानी नृत्‍य, चित्रकला, विचित्र वेशभूषा व रंगोली प्रतियोगिता स्‍वरूप भारत की सांस्‍कृतिक विरासत का संवर्धन कर रहा है | कैसे, आइए देखें ................

 Report of year 2014-2015


अजन्‍ता सांस्‍कृतिक क्‍लब , महाराष्‍ट्र

प्रभारी : श्री जाडकर रमेश धोंडी राम

अजन्‍ता सांस्‍कृतिक क्‍लब-नाम ही स्‍वयं में विश्‍व सांस्‍कृतिक धरोहर का परिचायक है । देश की पारंपरिक कलाएं जैसे पीपली कार्य, रंगोली, बेंत बुनाई, भित्ति सज्‍जा, जनजातीय चित्रकला, राखी, पुतली बनाना - पुतली नाटक प्रस्‍तुति, कीर्तन गायन सभी कुछ समाहित है क्‍ल्‍ब की गतिविधियों में ।

सीसीआरटी की शैक्षिक सामग्री के प्रति बच्‍चों में रूचि व जागरूकता किस प्रकार आई, आइए देखें ..................

 Report of year 2014-2015

Gurukul Cultural Club, Maharashtra
Incharge: Shri Patil U.B

Participation in various compititions! Prizes! When patriotic songs sung by students spreading spirit of Unity in Diversity.

Activities like "INTACH India Heritage Quiz", 'Know India Quiz', 'Nukkad Natak' on 'Making Solapur Plastic Free', Learning Crafts-Rangoli, Painting, Mehendi and many more could be seen undertaken on a regular basis.

Come let us see how exhibition on India's Heritage Sites and Geo-Biological Diversity is extending knowledge to all!.

 Report of year 2014-2015

श्रद्धा सांस्‍कृतिक क्‍लब, हरियाणा

प्रभारी : श्रीमती कृष्‍णा देवी

‘अपनी संस्‍कृति और सभ्‍यता की पहचान करें, धरोहर को संभालें, संस्‍कृति को बचा लें - गाते इस क्‍लब के सदस्‍य एक ओर रंगोली, मिट्टी के बर्तन, बैग बनाना सीख प्रदर्शनी लगा रहे हैं तो दूसरी ओर पारंपरिक पर्वों को मनाते होली पर बडकुले बनाना, दीवाली पर दीपक सजाना, लुप्‍त होते सांझी पर्व पर को कायम रख रहे हैं ।

यही नहीं ‘बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ’ के प्रति जागरूकता ला रहे हैं चित्र बनाकर - देखिए ...................

Shri Ravi Verma Cultural Club, Tamilnadu
Incharge: Shri P.Narendranath Reddy

In the name of painter Ravi Vema, auspicious Purna Kumbham as logo and 'Save Culture- Save Heritage' , motto this club is practising skit, mono-acting, folk dance and chekka bhajana. CCRT Educational material is used through lecture- demonstrations and exhibitions.

Traditional Craft like clay modelling, paper craft, hand bags and waste materials work was taught and lecture- demonstrations on moral values, cultural heritage and yoga are organised.

Come let us see how?...........

 Report of year 2014-2015

Sudhakanta Cultura Club, Assam
Incharge: Smt. Nilakshi Gogoi

Devotion to Cultural Heritage and Patriotic feelings- whether it be Rath Yatra, Independance Day or Republic Day- is seen reflected in the activities of this Club.

Poetry Recitation on Gandhhi Jayanti, Drama Workshop, Sattriya Dance Workshop, Competitions on Music and Poetry- Paying homage to great singer- Dr. Bhupen Hazarika- shows some activities of this club. Students learnt Songs in National Languages, made Masks, Finger Puppets, Flowers, Butterflies, Footware, Bamboo Articles and Rangoli.

Come let us see how they are able to put all this together in the land of Manipur.

 Report of year 2014-2015

Uttaran Cultura Club
Incharge: Srabani Chatterjee

Active participation of Club in different fields of Art and Culture such as Learning of Crafts, Putting Exhibitions, Seminar on 'Adverse Effects of Insecticides on Enviornment', Camp on Yoga and Meditation, Learning Folk Music like Jhoomar, Saari, Chotka, Baul and Quiz on Mughal Art and Architecture- is well seen. Students also learn Bratachari- a physical, mental excercise with dance and drama. Educational trip to Suakhal Energy Park (Bandel) was a unique experience!.

Come let us see how they are able to put all this together in the land of Manipur.

 Report of year 2014-2015

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