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Swachhta Hi Seva


Swachhta Hi Seva 

"Swachhta Hi Seva" Campaign - 2017

1. SWACHHTA Pledge by the participants of Workshop on 'Role of Puppetry in Education', which is being held from September 12-26, 2017 at CCRT, Dwarka, New Delhi. 50 nos. of participants from 7 different states are participating in this workshop.

2. SWACHHTA Pledge by CCRT Staff at CCRT office, Dwarka, New Delhi.

3. The CCRT has organised One day Workshop on Traditional Activities under its Extension and Community Feedback Programme, coinciding with “Swacchta Hi Seva” Campaign, on September 16, 2017 at its premises for the 100 students from Guru Ramdas College of Education , Shadara , Delhi. In which the following activities were organised for the students:

  • A lecture on good practices in waste management was organised for the students to make them aware of present unclean environment prevailing in many cities in India. This lecture also highlighted on the measures which will help the citizen of India in managing waste at home/neighbourhood. The lecture was delivered by Sh. Sharad Gaur, an environmentalist.

  • Hands on activities in crafts such as – Madhubani, Warli Painting, Rangoli, and Wall Decoration were organised with the aim of imbibing modern ideas in traditional folk art forms. The students not only have learnt the traditional art forms but they have successfully imbibed the idea of “Swacchta Hi Seva” in the arts.
  • Communication is an important tool in teaching, hence practical classes in enhancing the communication skills to promote the idea of cleanliness drive were organised for the students.
  • 4. The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) in collaboration with CEE has conducted one day’s workshop “Waste Management” on September 20, 2017 under its Extension Services and Feedback Programme for the teachers/volunteers of NGOs in Delhi.

  • The workshop was attended by 28 teachers from various NGOs of Delhi. The workshop focused on students taking leadership and action in schools/homes and community in creating a culture of cleanliness. Shri Sharad Gaur and Shri Anil Dahiya from CEE were the facilitators of the Workshop.
  • 5. The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) organised 253rd Workshop on 'Role of Puppetry in Education" at its Headquater , in which 48 Primary School Teachers from 07 different states of the country participated.

  • Presentation of Puppetry Plays on the "Swachhta" themes

  • 04 Short Puppetry Plays were developed by the participants of the Workshop on 'Role of Puppetryin Education' during the programme, wcih were titled as follows:-
  • Man ki safai
  • Daant ki Bimari
  • Shauchalaya ka Mahatva
  • Ganda Kaun
  •  These play were presented by the participants using the Finger Puppets, Mouth Puppets, Paper Bag Puppets, & Glove Puppets. All the 04 Puppet plays were performed in front of the children of the NGO- NIPUN which was followed by these children.

    6. The CCRT organised a Lecture on E-Waste Management was delivered by Dr. Swati Sambyal, Programme Manager at Centre for Science and Enviornment. The lecture was attended by the participants of the Workshop on 'Role of Puppetry in Education' and officials of CCRT in which she deliberated on issues such as Electronic Waste, its impact on enviornment, e-waste management etc.

    7. Swachh Photographs of the CCRT Premises.

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