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Completed Fellowship Research Project


  1. Recollection Of Manipuri Drama So Far Published And Produced

  2. Tribal Songs Odisha

  3. Nimad Anchal Ke Aadiwasi Krantikariyo Ka Rangmanch Me Rachnatmak

    Addhayan Evm Lok Pado Evm Lokgeeto Ka Rangmanch Me Anupryog

  4. Object-Oriented Sculpture

  5. Visual Expressions Of Yogis

  6. A Walk In Nature - Coloures And Movements In South India Villages

  7. Mithilanchalak Sanskritik Anushilan

  8. The Role & Larger Meaning of Sakhi in Indian Dance

  9. Comparative Study Of Himachli Folk Theatre Forms And Their Importance

    In Modern Drama

  10. Folk Dannce of Western Odisha

  11. Stone And Stoned

  12. The Study Of Chattisgarh Folk Theatre

  13. A Vision Of Manipuri Nata Sankritana(Duhar Cholom)

  14. Aadhunik Maithili Natakon Ka Sau Varsh (Pralekhan Evm Vishleshan)

  15. Duggar-De-Sanskrit-Te-Dharmak-Thar

  16. Study About Folk Religion, Beliefs And Customs Of Assam

  17. Love N Peace...Contradiction

  18. Bihar Ki Nadiyon Ka Sankritik Anushilan

  19. Borgit And Songs Of Ankia Drama

  20. A Comparative Study Of Two Vaishnavism Influenced Classical Dance Form,

    Satriya And Manipuri From North East India

  21. Experiments For A New Order (SCULPTURE)

  22. Exploration Of New Media And Techniques Through The Lens Of Art Traditional Forms

  23. Paitkar Painting: A Visual Narrative Tradition Of Jharkhand

  24. An Application-Oriented Critical Study Of Sanskrit Literary Texts Of The Food Traditions Of India And Their Cultural Impact On Society

  25. Study Of The Literature Of Dhanurveda (In Sanskrit) And Its Impact On The Cultural Heritage Of India.

  26. An Analytical Study Of Tapkhayals Of Gwalior Gharana

  27. Uttar Pradesh Ki Lok Vidhaon Ka Charitra Evam Rashtra Nirmaan Mein Yogdaan

  28. Aadhunik Maithili Geetikavya O Parampara

  29. Bundeli Folk Dance

  30. Bundelkhand Folk Songs

  31. Bundelkhand dying Paintings

  32. Folk Dance - Karma of Chattishgarh

  33. Ganda Baja is a Prominent Folk Musical Tradition of Western Odisha

  34. History of Punjabi Lecture

  35. Telugu poetical Drama field – Technical values

  36. Visual Art - Painting

  37. Importance of Science & Technology in the field of Creativity

  38. Maithili Sant Sahitya Adhyayan O Vishleshan

  39. The Geometric Analysis movements and foot work used in Kathak

  40. The Rāgas in its Winged Form in Contemporary Texts from 19th To 21st Century

  41. Transformation of mythological characters-Observation in North Coastal Andhra Folk Performance Shiva Bhagavatham

  42. Women Sensation in Gujarati & Rajasthani Folk Literature

  43. Theater -Natya Sangeet Ka Adhar Lokokkti Muhaware & Kahawate

  44. Theater Thearapy in Prision

  45. Art Form & its impacct in Neuroscience

  46. Flow of Odia Folklore in 21st Centuary Tension betweenTraditon & Modernity

  47. Of Mist, Mystery & Meditation

  48. Art as Therapy

  49. Tribal & Traditional Folk Dance of Odisha

  50. Influence of Martial Arts Silambam & Kalari Training for School Boys

  51. Delhi Theater Presentation in 21st Century

  52. Folk Theater of Aavadh

  53. History & Geography of Bundelkhand

  54. Social History of the Bengali Cuisine from Bengali Cooking books, Literature & other

  55. The Trends & Themes of Folk Arts of Meghalaya

  56. A Special Research on North Karnataka Theater

  57. Ethno Musico Logical Study of Western Odisha

  58. Journey to a Rural Theatre of last Fifty Years

  59. Khan Gaan and Self Help Group A Colelative Discussion on Development of Society & Culture

  60. Thouogh Study, Collection and Documentation of Folk Culture of the areas situates at Bank of Gangas

  61. Mourning Chilka - a witness

  62. A Special Report on Bihar Folk Song

  63. 100 Modern & Contemporary Indian Artist and their ART Market

  64. Theater

  65. Folk Art forms of Braj & Rajasthani

  66. The relationship between Thang-Ta & Meitei Pung maintained by our Ancient Gurus

  67. Kohbar Folk Art

  68. Haryana Folk Theater

  69. Second Phase of Women Directors

  70. Interpretation of Indian Culture of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad LiteratureSecond Phase of Women Directors

  71. Popular Myth & Papular Literature - The myth of Nation State, Recast in Indian Cinema

  72. The Rāgas in its Winged Form, its Ideal Performance and Presence in Contemporary Texts From 19th To 21st Century

  73. Monuments & Caves

  74. Harmony

  75. Technical Improvements in Flute

  76. Print Making as affordable Art

  77. Forgotten Stepwells

  78. An Old to Urban Nature

  79. Introspection and Revision on the Tala System of the Jagoi Rasa Leela

  80. Folk Content in Habib Tanveer's Drama

  81. Adaption of Panchitra to Suit Contemporary Society

  82. Kya Tamil aur Hindi ke Krishna Bakthi kavyon mein samanata yen hain

  83. 21st Centuary













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